Monday, January 28, 2019

New dataset added to the CDKP: WMHV GWAS

We are pleased to announce that a new dataset has been added to the Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal: Cerebral WMHV GWAS 2019, from the recently published study "Genetic variation in PLEKHG1 is associated with white matter hyperintensities" (Traylor et al. 2019). This genome-wide association study consisting of 11,226 individuals sparked the discovery of a locus at genome-wide significance in an intron of PLEKHG1.

Results from this study may be viewed and searched in the CDKP at these locations:

  • on Gene pages (view an example) for the "Cerebral white matter hyperintensities" phenotype
  • on Variant pages (view an example) in the Associations at a glance section, the Associations across all datasets graphic and table, and in LocusZoom static plots
LocusZoom plot of WMHV associations in the PLEKHG1 gene

  • from the View full genetic association results for a phenotype search on the home page: first select the cerebral white matter hyperintensities phenotype and then on the resulting page, select the Cerebral WMHV GWAS 2019 dataset.
Summary statistics may also be downloaded from the CDKP Downloads page.

Please check out these new results and let us know if you have comments or questions!